Ilkay Ustdal - Product Manager

Job History

I graduated from the University as a veterinarian and I started to work for a supermarket chain as a meat inspector. My job mainly consisted of inspections and controls with respect to hygiene.  After a while I had to work for the Turkish army for one year, since it is mandatory in Turkey to work for the army for a certain period of time. In the army I was mainly working as a food safety specialist. When I fulfilled my duties in the army I found an exciting and gripping position at Skretting Turkey where I became responsible for the hatchery feed sales in 2006. Skretting is a Nutreco company. At a certain point of time, I also became responsible for the export. I demonstrated the benefits of our products to the customers, negotiated contracts and with the hard work that we did, we became market leader in 2011 and 2012. Finally, I am also very proud that we established and increased our market share in the Middle East.

What I like most about Nutreco and my job?

It is great to see that it is possible as an employee to contribute to a company’s result in a positive way and to be part of that success. I also got the chance to participate in the numerous projects of Nutreco. From my perception, there is always a possibility to develop yourself in the multinational environment Nutreco is in. I made a move from Skretting Turkey to Skretting UK at the middle of 2013. I noticed that there was a vacancy for product manager and applied straightaway. It was fascinating and challenging to start in a new job and in a new environment and even that the possibility is present within Nutreco. Thankfully, I always feel confident when I am with my colleagues because they are all specialist and ready to collaborate with me. Last but not least, our managers are ready to empower us and appreciate the diversity we bring. Currently, I enjoy a lot developing new products with my colleagues and challenge our competitors.